Bare in mind that I am currently writing this in the worst possible mood i could be in, its 12;12 am and i feel miserable. why do i feel this way? i cannot even explain what causes these mixed emotions, although when i think twice – i can think of a million reasons that cause this ‘depression’. recovering from my grandfathers death (whom i was very fond of), finishing my final exams feeling enormous pressures to compile my CV, watching a really emotional Bollywood movie, feeling the need to start working out at 1am (which is the worst idea considering i have insomnia), feeling unproductive and worst of all – not being able to open my gallery due my ‘storage space’ being too full. what kind of phone comes without an expandable memory??

okay so now that I have gotten all of the negativity out of the way, i feel like it is the perfect time to write about empowering yourself to be a positive person. I definitely feel like it is really important to voice all the reasons you don’t feel good, it helps you realize that your problems aren’t as big as you build them up to be in your mind. Also, it helps you understand that there is in fact a solution to the problem.


CHANGE – change your perspective, change the way you see things, change your view on the world, change your lifestyle choices and change your mindset.

positivity, in my opinion – is a state of mind. the first step of living a positive lifestyle requires you to change your environment. clear out the clutter from your room – create an environment that is filled with positive stimuli, bright colours and a motivating vision.

what drives you? what motivates you? what makes you want to be productive?

I have this weird thing that I do, where I block out reality and real life problems and fall into my own perfect reality – where my dreams and visions are clear and close to me. I do not allow this dreamy delusional reality of mine to distract me from the real world and my responsibilities – I would call it , an escape – more that anything I use this world of mine to escape any harsh emotions this real world puts me through and it comforts me – it even makes me stronger because in this dream world, I imagine myself to be all that I can be and have achieved all my goals, making me feel like I can conquer any world or any harsh reality. I do believe that this is my biggest coping mechanism, and hey, it is my world and it keeps me happy and un – bothered.


xx – NABA

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